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Our online Thai courses offer you the combination of topic-based Thai lessons in our signature cartoon animation, 1:1 conversation practice sessions with Thai teachers, and follow-up and support sessions. 

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You can buy one chapter at a time or the whole course with a special discount! Free lessons are available, too!

Watch Thai Lessons

in our signature cartoon animation series.

Practice Speaking

with a Thai teacher at your convenient date and time.

Get Advice & Support

at the end of every chapter. You can ask questions anytime.

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We believe in making valuable resources accessible to everyone, whether you’re enrolled in our course or simply looking to expand your knowledge. Our social media channels and website are filled with informative articles, videos, and tips to help you on your Thai learning journey.

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Why Learn with Us


Choose the courses and topics that suit your need or interest.

Fun & Easy

Take minimal effort to learn. We think hard to make you learn fast! 

Practical & Native

No “classroom-only language”. No need to say 5 words when Thais say only one. 

Blended Language
& Cultural Lessons

Have good manners and speak appropriately in Thai community.

Communicable Phonetic

With our “Karaoke Code”, you can read Thai accurately and write these very same words to communicate with Thai people!