Anyone can use this trick. 555

Don’t get mixed up!

Don’t say “here” too loud in Thailand. 

Now you remember both words, right? 5555  (Credit: Adapted from สัตว์โลกอมตีน’s post.)

This was from our direct experience when we were teaching our students to speak “fang yu”, then they laughed and said “fang yu” repeatedly to each other. 555

Meow all over Thailand =^w^=  And now you remember the phrase! 555


🇹🇭🐮Thai cows say “Mor mor”. 

🇹🇭🐷Thai pigs say “Aud aud”. 

(In Thai, animal sounds are always double.)

And “crab”🦀 and “crap”💩 sound quite similar, too. 555