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We’re language nerds. We love language memes, positive vibes, and practical things.

We’re from Bangkok, Thailand. This school is the product of our knowledge, experience, love, and passion in teaching Thai for over 15 years. Our Thai lessons are the easiest in the world.  

No more jumping around topics and learning endlessly about something you don’t even know if you’ll have a chance to use! We developed our lessons to take you on a fast track to learn things that matter to you.

Thai is simple when you learn the Thai way and speak the Thai way. 

Learn Thai smartly with us! Hope our lessons put a big smile on your face! 

You’ll get to learn the native-like Thai language which is simple and easy. Learn the Thai way and speak the Thai way!

Online Thai Courses

Enjoy learning Thai in animated lessons that were attentively developed to make you learn fast and effortlessly. Buy one chapter at a time or the whole course with a special discount! Free lessons are also available.

Free Thai Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced Thai learner, our free lessons are useful to you. They are simple and very easy to understand, yet detailed and insightful. You’ll also find many smart tips that help you on your Thai learning journey.