How to check if you pronounce “ผ” and “ป” correctly:

1) Prepare a small piece of paper.
2) Hold the paper in front of your mouth.

– When you say “ผ”, the paper should move.
– When you say “ป”, the paper should stay still.

That’s it! เย้! 👏👏👏

The Five Tones (ผันวรรณยุกต์)

The Five Tones of “ha”

It is not that bad, isn’t it? Just remember not to say “ha” with the low voice.

The tone of the number 5 is the same tone as when you laugh out loud “hahaha”. 555

The Five Tones of “pa”

Extra:🐟ปลา /pla/ (mid tone) = fish 

The correct pronunciation is /pla/ but many Thais say /pa/–the same pronunciation as “ปา” that means “throw”.

Pronunciation Practice (ฝึกออกเสียง)

Same-Tone, Same-Vowel Pronunciation Practice

Say It Correctly! (พูดผิดชีวิตเปลี่ยน)

Don’t spoil the mood.😂😂😂 

✏️Notes about Transcription (that you don’t need to know.😂 Only for those who’d like to write it as Thais do): 

1) ฝัน is written as “fun”, not “fan”, because Thai people usually write it like this: fun dee. If you chat with a Thai and type “fan dee na”, it might be confusing and looks like you’re complimenting their แฟน /fan/ “Good boyfriend/girlfriend!” instead.😂 

2) “krub” is how Thais usually transcribe “ครับ” but most Thai language teachers/schools use “khrap”.

Don’t order it wrong. 5555

✏️Note: “เท่าไหร่” is informal; “เท่าไร” is formal. 

💡Tip: Keep the “som” short.🍊😂

💦น้ำ /nam/ = water; juice; drink
🍊ส้ม /som/ = orange

Tones matter!!!